Hoverfly SAM helicopter rental

Aerial work by helicopter

Helicopters play an essential role in the completion of operations in difficult and inaccessible terrain, and are widely used for power line and wire stringing, pole and pylon placement, tower construction, antenna installation, transportation of heavy goods, and the delivery of supplies to high quota refuges.

This type of work requires experience and technological innovation, in the form of pilots and machines able to complete the tasks to perfection. Sling load operations, which have become indispensable for many sectors, are always performed by highly trained and expert pilots. Using the Ecureuil AS 350 B3 helicopter, Hoverfly SAM is able to transport cargo weighing up to 1100kg at low altitudes.

Civil Protection and Environmental Surveillance

Main Activities

  • Fire fighting
  • Forest fire spotting and reconnaissance
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Detection of unauthorized construction work
  • Natural disaster emergency response
  • Detection and control of pollution of coastal waters and rivers

Emergency Resue and Air Ambulance

In addition to providing services to public administrations, HOVERFLYSAM also works in collaboration with a number of charities and voluntary associations including ANPAS, the Italian Red Cross and Soccorso Amico.

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