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HOVERFLY - the Company

HOVERFLY works in the field of transportation services by helicopter and provides an exclusive and qualified service of Heli-taxi. A specialized fleet in executive helicopter service in VIP configuration. HOVERFLY headquarters are placed in Via Orazio, 152 Pescara (PE).

The operational base are strategically placed in the area: Milano, Forte dei Marmi, Roma, Napoli and Salerno. Such a choice arises from the will of satisfy in the most effective and prompt way the demands of a clientele continuously searching for a comfortable, fast and safe solution in the area of Capri/Ischia and Forte dei Marmi.

HOVERFLY has its base also in Naples Airport, Massa Cinquale Airport and Milano Linate Airport.

Choosing HOVERFLY for your own transfers means flying with the helicopter company which can provide exclusive benefits and unique services:

Safety: HOVERFLY helicopters has been a certified air operator for passenger transportation and aerial work for 20 years. COA and COLA certifications were issued according to the European legislation JAR OPS 3. In addition, the company is certified to perform maintenance work, under European law PART - 145 (certification issued by EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency). Considering that any fixed aircraft system not provided by the manufacturer must be certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and EASA and reported on Form 154 issued by ENAC, HOVERFLY has obtained an additional certification concerning the Alternative Procedures DOA (Design Organization Approval).This certification allows the company to develop and submit modifications for approval by EASA (Supplement Type Certificate) for the installation of equipment not foreseen by the helicopter manufacturer and anything else necessary to use systems which allow to realize particular activities.

Certifications: Hoverfly owns three certificates which permit the company to provide the services for which it is licensed.

The company owns:

  • A CAMO structure that ensures the continuing airworthiness of the helicopters in the fleet, with a Certificate of Approval (CA) n. IT.MG.0082 issued under sub-part G to EASA PART M;
  • A license COLA for aerial work activities issued under ENAC Special Regulation with a CA n. I-008LA;
  • HOVERFLY is licensed to perform aerial work with suspended loads, fire fighting and civil protection activities, environmental monitoring, surveys and observations, and shooting photos with film-specific equipment such as side and front-mounted Wescam, Cineflex etc. for both the private and public sector.
  • A structure for AOC Public Passenger Transport activities with a CA n. I-082 issued in accordance with JAR OPS 3 regulation, which manages the Flight Operations Area.
  • Twin and Single Engine Helicopters: Hoverfly SAM owns different types of aircrafts to offer flexible services with regard to the price, to meet different demands and to grant an higher safety in specific flight situations in compliance with the normative regulations.
  • Comfort on board: It allows to travel in a comfortable room with VIP design and soundproof space.
  • Un viaggio tutto organizzato: Contattando il nostro personale operativo e commerciale scrivendo a info@hoverfly.it, ci prenderemo cura di ogni dettaglio del vostro trasferimento, dalla località di partenza alla destinazione finale (Hotel, NCC, Trasporto Bagagli, ecc.).

HOVERFLY is "Executive Helicopter Service"

A business idea thought to make your transfers comfortable and fast.

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Head Office:
Via dei Marrucini, 67 - 65127 Pescara – Italy

Tel +39 085 69 21 848

Booking: Mobile Phone
+39 348 58 62 830
+39 346 00 77 470

Sede operativa:
Via Olmo, 28 - 84092 Bellizzi (Salerno) – Italy
84092 Bellizzi (Salerno)